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 Technology designed for collaborative, dispersed teams

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A display for any situation

Host videoconferences. Brainstorm on a whiteboard. Work on standard office applications.

SMART makes sharing ideas with your colleagues around the world as natural as meeting over coffee. With SMART, you can pass ideas back and forth between mobile devices, PCs, and interactive displays as fast as you can think of them.

SMART kapp iQ + Pro

Everything you need is one touch away

SMART kapp iQ and iQ Pro give one-touch access to a whiteboard, a web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for external PC.

SMART kapp iQ®

Standard functionality

The display turns on when you walk into the room. Open the whiteboard to brainstorm, screen share wirelessly or access the embedded web browser – all from the start screen. Plus, plug in your laptop and videoconference.

SMART kapp iQ Pro™

Advanced functionality

Enjoy all the same standard functionality of kapp iQ, but add the ability to write over files like PDFs, integration with Microsoft® Exchange and Office 365 and plug-ins for Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS.

SMART invented technologies exclusive to kapp iQ


Responds to your lightest touch accurately from corner to corner.

Pen ID™

Two people can write in different colours at the same time.

Object awareness™

Fingers select. Pens write. Palms erase. Your kapp iQ knows the difference.

SMART Podium

Hands on teaching, more engaging presentations

Connect with your computer, display content for the whole class to see. Navigate lesson material, write notes during lessons, highlight key points, capture comments and questions as you present. Display on a larger screen in the same room, or from a remote location. Inspired lessons, even more engaging.


Advanced writing technology

Built with SMART’s own DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, Podium cameras are incorporated in the bezel to detect pen touch and movement, providing a responsive, accurate writing experience.

Instructor-friendly design

Write comfortably and naturally over any application with the battery-free tethered pen, rest your hand on the display while you make notes.


Smooth out handwriting, improve legibility, turn handwritten notes into text objects that you can manipulate. Save notes and content into common software and programs.

SMART Room System

A Skype meeting, but so much more

The SMART Room System combines SMART’s industry-leading interactive displays with Skype for Business, so that you can write over content, use touch gestures and get more work done during any Skype meeting.

Write over any application

Plug in your laptop and the content you share is now fully interactive. Write over it or zoom, move or drag it with touch gestures within SMART’s Unbound Workspace.

Watch the video to see it in action.


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